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Journey2ADHD is a private community network focused on exploring your ADHD, supporting you on your journey, and surrounding you with positive-minded people who can truly relate to you. 

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About Matt

Matt Raekelboom is an ADHD positive Lifestyle Transformation Expert. While running a full-time business of his own, Raekelboom is out to teach those in need how to smile again- even when their minds can be their biggest competitor through dopamine release habitual training and understanding of the ADHD brain.

He completed his first marathon on October 20th 2019. Having lost over 80 pounds in the last 2 years and in addition to kicking food addiction, drug addiction, and alcoholism; Raekelboom was compelled to get in to the coaching field to spread the positivity and love of the ADHD mind.

Sharing his story about how accomplishing something as simple as making his bed in the morning, is turning him in to the man he never thought possible. He is now setting out anew to prove that anyone of any age, and any size, can do anything if they set their minds to it and just have fun!  “The ADHD brain is a blessing and not a curse as we all once thought,  Come hear my story, understand my views and let’s work together on creating a wonderful life”

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