If you’re trying to understand your ADHD, understand fitness, or lose weight, you’re #notalone...

How It Works:

Once you join our program we will give you direct access to your personal trainer who will help you figure out:

  • When to do the workout
  • How to do the workout
  • Where to do the workout

We customize each and every workout based on what you have available to you:

  • Full gym
  • Bands
  • TRX
  • Full Body Weight
  • …And more!


And that’s not all... the other side to our program is accountability!

You have a real personal trainer that offers:

  • 1 on 1 Private messaging 7 days a week
  • Daily messages of inspiration and aspiration.
  • Accountability based coaching where the trainers get notified of your success.
  • Cheering you on every step of the way!

As much accountability as you crave, our trainer is allowed to offer it to you.

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What You’ll Get When You Join
Our FREE Trial Program:

  • One month subscription to our Trial Fit Fam community so you can always have the support of your Journey2ADHD family.
  • 3 Full 8-10 minute “Dopamine Blast” workouts
  • Full access to the app to track your own progress
  • Direct Integration with MyFitnessPal, Apple Watch, and Fitbit! 

We all love and crave the competitive sides to ADHD.

That’s why we created accountability based training. Every time you complete a workout it notifies the whole group. Anyone can compete with anyone!

If figuring out your structure is delaying your fitness journey... then we're giving you that structure.

What happens when our workouts stop working for us? We don’t workout.

When you want to change your workout, you can. Your trainer will help you do that.

You don’t have to think about the workout or Google how to do the workout.

Everything is implemented inside of this app.
Join today, and start your fitness journey
in the way you’ve always wanted to!

As Matt always says, “It takes roughly 10 minutes to create a sufficient amount of dopamine.” 

Start moving, start changing…with the
Journey2ADHD Health Program TODAY!

(Click ‘BUY’ button on Trainerize to apply the coupon)

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