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Is ADHD consuming your life right now?

Journey2ADHD: Brand NEW Social Media Platform That Provides The Solution To All Of The WHY’s Around ADHD

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People with ADHD let me know if this is you:

Bullied your whole life, struggled to get good grades, annoying your teachers, anger issues, addiction struggles, struggled to maintain a job…

You’ve seen psychiatrists, therapists, and doctors that consistently recommend medication without an explanation.

You feel like you have tried everything and STILL… NOTHING. IS. WORKING…

And after all the YEARS LIVING WITH THIS, you still have no idea why:

 ❌ You’re so scatterbrained

 ❌ Everything feels so excessively hard

 ❌ You either have a lot of motivation or none at all…

We are always one extreme or the other and the question forever in our head is WHY?!

Does this sound familiar?

Maybe this sounds like you or somebody you know…

As somebody with ADHD that has gone through THE HARD TIMES…

👉 I’ve been on the drugs.

👉 I’ve gone through the special education.

👉 I’ve struggled to find a place to learn more.

I've been told that I won't be successful...


I'm Matt Raekelboom,

👉ADHD Positive Lifestyle Transformation Coach 

👉 Creator and founder of the Journey2ADHD platform

👉 Labeled as a “Life Changing Expert” by the highly accredited “FASTER THAN NORMAL” podcast

But it was a journey to get here...

See this guy right here? It’s me… 80 lbs heavier…

Suffering from: alcoholism, food addiction, pornography addiction, drug addiction.

I smoked about a pack and a half of cigarettes a day…

Hated my family… resented my friends…

I was a zombie from the 9 years
of medication that I was on…

I hated my life…and hated myself…

Then, I stumbled upon a podcast that said, “POSITIVITY IN ADHD”.

I was so pissed when I heard it. But I listened…

And six years later, after diving into everything I could learn about ADHD, I discovered the simplicity behind UNDERSTANDING my brain.

ADHD is the most misdiagnosed disorder in the world…

Studies suggest that only 4% of the average human being has ADHD…

But what statistics are showing you, is that in the U.S alone, there’s an average of 9-10% of people who have been diagnosed with ADHD. 

That is a difference of almost 20 million potentially misdiagnosed people…

So when you look around…

You’re in school, you’re at work, and all of these people are like, 

“Oh you have ADHD? Me too!”

No, they just forgot their keys…

And you’re looking at these people thinking, 

“That dude is doing so much better than I am and yet we have the same thing.” 

This is where you feel truly alone, because
you’re struggling so much more than they are. 

I’ve been there. Felt alone…

I wish I had that support, or at least some guidance…

And I realized that I couldn’t help the amount of people I wanted to on just private coaching alone…

So, the Journey2ADHD
Community Network Was Born. 

A private community network where
we focus on ADHD and cancel out the noise of other big social media platforms.

The community is designed to guide you through your journey of understanding your ADHD. Celebrate your wins with fellow users who have all been there.

Or maybe you’ll inspire someone with your story or win.

What you’ll get when you join our awesome community network:

👉 A massive, ever growing, resource library that covers topics like, “Relationships and ADHD, Nutrition and ADHD, Addiction and ADHD…”
So you can have all of your resources in one place without falling down the Google Search rabbit hole.

👉 We’ve got topics to organize our activity, search to find what you’re looking for, and save your post so you can quickly come back to those golden nuggets.

👉 A premium ebook on Habit Formation so you can start your journey.

👉 Direct messaging, and conversation threads are available to meet new friends/allies. The community is filled with ADHD thought leaders!

👉 A 1-Month Trial to our Health & Fitness program created with neurodiversity in mind! As part of this month, you receive 1 on 1 messaging with our trainer, 7 days a week daily messages of inspiration and aspiration, accountability group access, 3 Full 8-10 minute “Dopamine Blast” workouts, full access to the app to track your own progress, direct integration with Apple Watch, Fitbit, and more!

👉 LIFETIME ACCESS to the Journey2ADHD Community Network. Keep the conversation going before, during, and after live TikTok events!

Our platform is not just for people with ADHD! It can also be for teachers, parents, or friends that are supporting someone with ADHD that may be struggling at the moment.

What I want you to understand is that sometimes people with ADHD don’t even understand how to help themselves.

For a big portion of my life I had no idea how to tell people what would help me because I didn’t even know how to help myself.


So the best thing you can do is learn with/from our people with ADHD.

It’s time that we start talking about ADHD differently, and I think this is our first step.

ADHD can be a BLESSING and not a CURSE

You are neurodivergent, which means you have a different type of mind…and are dopamine deficient!

(Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Michael Phelps, Larisa Latynina, Simone Biles, B Skill, Mel Robbins, Adam Leveigne, Emma Watson, Britney Spears…all have ADHD.)

Dopamine is your “concentration chemical, your motivational neurotransmitter, and your feel good hormone.”

But when your brain is NOT GETTING ENOUGH DOPAMINE, you:

❌  Cannot concentrate well

❌  Have emotional irregularity 

❌  Don’t feel pleasure in the same way

❌  Are unmotivated. 

Once I learned that I was dopamine deficient, I developed the habitual rituals that I use to this day… to turn myself into: 

The sober, healthy, happy person that I am.
The first 50 lbs in my weight loss journey were lost from just creating healthy ADHD habits! 

Because if we focus on making our dopamine through tiny little habitual changes…

We’re able to feel good, look good, act good, and be more motivated.

Before you buy into our community you can start creating dopamine as early as tomorrow morning with my first tip:

Instant dopamine release can happen from something as simple as implementing confidence.

Happiness causes dopamine and dopamine causes happiness. What an amazing cycle to build!

The best thing you can do: is work on your appearance right in the morning. If you look good and you feel good, your body will start to release dopamine on its own organically, and it’s amazing!

It’s okay to love yourself, it’s okay to be proud of the way that you look. It doesn’t mean that you’re full of yourself, it means you’re proud. Big difference.

Right now, you might be skeptical...

…maybe even as pissed as I was when I first heard the phrase,


when you’ve only known the negatives…

I understand that you are frustrated, you are exhausted, that no one gets it, and maybe you’re on your last resort reading this letter but you are still trying to find some way to live better with your ADHD.

You’re not alone. 

And what if I told you for $30, you could understand why?

Congratulations on taking the next steps. 

Your journey with ADHD begins here. 

You don’t have to feel alone anymore…

This is the ADHD community you’ve been looking for…

A private community focused on exploring your ADHD, supporting you on your journey, and surrounding you with positive-minded people who can truly relate to you.

Topics We Talk About


Advice and tips for handling relationships with ADHD.


If you have children, share your parenting stories and advice.​

Fitness & Health​

Chat with our Certified Fitness Trainer, and other members, about fitness goals.​

Journey Stories

We share our ADHD Journey stories in a non-judgemental, positive and safe environment within the community.

Organic Methods (Non-Medication)

Share the methods you use for ADHD that are organic and not medication.


We tackle the addictions that come with ADHD head on, sharing our stories and advice for how we overcame them.​

…plus many, many more!

“It takes a wandering mind to stumble upon great ideas.”

Matt Raekelboom

You're one step closer...

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Features & Benefits of The Journey2ADHD Bundle

Resource Library

A massive, ever growing, resource library so you can have all of your resources in one place without falling down the Google Search rabbit hole.

Discussion Topics

We’ve got topics to organize our activity, search to find what you’re looking for, and save your post so you can quickly come back to those golden nuggets.

Habit Formation E-Book

A premium e-book on Habit Formation so you can get started on your journey with proper info.

DM's & Conversations

Direct messaging, and conversation threads are available to meet new friends/allies.

E-mail Newsletter

Stay up to date with the latest articles, tips, news, and early notifications about when Matt will be going live on TikTok!

Affordable Price

We've made the cost of our community an extremely low price so that it's accessible to everyone with ADHD.

Engaging Community

We’ve got polls, prompts, posts, and questions that can bring more people into conversation in a space that’s all our own.

Mobile App

Access the Journey2ADHD community through an iOS and Android app so you can access the conversations anywhere, on-the-go.

1 Month Trial of Our
Health & Fitness Program

Once you're in, you get access to our virtual fitness program and progress tracking app for a whole month!

Get Access To Our Private Community
For A One-time Purchase!


LIFETIME Community Access


A one-time payment gets you lifetime access to the Journey2ADHD Community for ongoing support, motivation, mentorship and learning.


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