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Is ADHD consuming your life right now?

Join our thriving new online platform dedicated to exploring your ADHD

 Do you feel alone? Are you looking for support, or at least some guidance?

Journey2ADHD is a private community network focused on exploring your ADHD, supporting you on your journey, and surrounding you with positive-minded people who can truly relate to you. We focus on ADHD and cancel out the noise on the big social media platforms.

It’s a community designed to guide you through your journey of understanding your ADHD, celebrate your wins with fellow users who have all been there, and inspire someone with your story.

Join our community today!

✅ Browse through our discussion topics and follow topics that interest you so you can stay engaged with amazing conversations!

✅ A premium ebook on Habit Formation so you can start your journey.

✅ Direct messaging, and conversation threads are available to meet new friends/allies. The community is filled with ADHD thought leaders!

✅ A curated resource link library filled with links to free resources, articles, and blogs organized by topics so you can quickly find curated links to trusted resources in one place without falling down the Google Search rabbit hole.

If you have ADHD, you are neurodivergent, which means you have a different type of mind...

Don’t let ADHD limit you.

There are MANY successful people that have ADHD:

  • Bill Gates
  • Warren Buffet
  • Michael Phelps
  • Larisa Latynina
  • Simone Biles
  • Mel Robbins
  • Adam Leveigne
  • Emma Watson
  • Britney Spears
  • and many more!

Our platform is not just for people with ADHD! It can also be for teachers, parents, or friends that are supporting someone with ADHD that may be struggling at the moment. The best thing you can do is learn with/from our people with ADHD.


Topics We Talk About


Advice and tips for handling relationships with ADHD.


If you have children, share your parenting stories and advice.​

Fitness & Health​

Chat with our Certified Fitness Trainer, and other members, about fitness goals.​

Journey Stories

We share our ADHD Journey stories in a non-judgemental, positive and safe environment within the community.

Organic Methods (Non-Medication)

Share the methods you use for ADHD that are organic and not medication.


We tackle the addictions that come with ADHD head on, sharing our stories and advice for how we overcame them.​

…plus many, many more!

Become part of the Journey2ADHD family today!

Friendly community

Resource Link Library

Ebooks and guides

Exclusive live videos

Email newsletter

Daily tips & inspiration


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Features & Benefits of The Journey2ADHD Bundle

Resource Link Library

A curated library of free resource links to articles and blogs so you can have all of the best information in one place without falling down the Google Search rabbit hole.

Discussion Topics

We’ve got topics to organize our activity, search to find what you’re looking for, and save your post so you can quickly come back to those golden nuggets.

Habit Formation E-Book

A premium e-book on Habit Formation so you can get started on your journey with proper info.

DM's & Conversations

Direct messaging, and conversation threads are available to meet new friends/allies.

E-mail Newsletter

Stay up to date with the latest articles, tips, news, and early notifications about when Matt will be going live on TikTok!

Affordable Price

We've made the cost of our community an extremely low price so that it's accessible to everyone.

Engaging Community

We’ve got polls, prompts, posts, and questions that can bring more people into conversation in a space that’s all our own.

Mobile App

Access the Journey2ADHD community through an iOS and Android app so you can access the conversations anywhere, on-the-go.

Community Events

Live virtual events are held in our community that you can participate in such as body doubling sessions, expert speaker presentations, and more!

Get Access To Our Private Community

Community Access


62/100 SPOTS


Then $29.99/month until cancelled. Cancel anytime.

Unlock access to the Journey2ADHD Community for ongoing support, motivation, mentorship and learning.


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Got questions?

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